The Gomelagrokomplekt public corporation has been producing milking equipment for 15 years. Now the company manufactures the following machines:

  • 100 and 200 cow units for pipeline milking;
  • 2×6 to 2×20 Elochka milking units;
  • milking and grazing units;
  • milking units for portable buckets;
  • movable plant of individual milking UID-1;
  • various types and modifications of milking devices.
  • drinking bowls for the unrestrained content of cattle;
  • machine tool equipment for the content of sows and sucking pigs;
  • Universal cultivators;
  • Far-reaching universal combined aggregates APPK-8K/8D;
  • 16-rows pneumatic seeders of precise seeding «Sozh» SPPT-16.

The company’s design engineering bureau provides for continual development and mass production of new equipment. It has developed a high-volume chamber for high-milking cows, and highly effective zootechnical milk control.