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Herringbone type milking machine with fast exit

Milking machines are intended for the robotic milking of cows on a special platform into milking units located in pairs at 30 degrees angle to a technological pit. The simultaneously opening of a front fencing, which ensures the fast exit of animals from the milking units, is realized by means of a mechanic drive.

The machines are made in two versions:

- without automation control of milking process on a computer – UDA;

- with automation control of milking process on a computer – UDM;

The milking machines have system of the computer control of a herd intended for the automatized operating control of the cattle herd on dairies.

This allows collecting and processing with data for each cow, managing the regrouping processes of cows and the reproduction of a herd and also the automatization of the following matters: 

-separation animals from a herd at an operator’s task;

-accounting, planning and controlling of milky productivity;

-accounting, planning and controlling of calving, inseminations and pregnancy tests;

-analysis of herd structure and physiological condition;

-accounting of the inflows and outflows of animals.

Milking units are made of hot-galvanized steel with no less than 90 µm coat thickness according to GOST 9.307, provide the stability and longevity of a structure, the individual fixation and positioning of animals for comfortable milking, provide high capacity due to simultaneously exit: all animals from one side of a milking parlor can live a row simultaneously.

Dimension of milking unit is 120 cm per one animal and it has the zinc-coated border of a pit. The positioning and fixation of animals performed at 30 degrees angle from the longitudinal axis of a milking pit.

Vacuum system provides the stabile vacuum level of 46±1 kPa in milking mode and consists of 110 mm diameter polymeric tubes, SN-60AM liquid-packed ring vacuum stations with productivity no less than 60 m3/h each one.

Adjustment and keeping of vacuum-gauge pressure into vacuum and milk pipelines perform by means of vacuum-regulator of 4000 l/min productivity.

Milking parlor pipelines system. A milk pipeline is made of stainless steel with polished internal surface and of the minimal diameter of pipes is 63,51,5 mm. A pressure milk pipeline is made of the stainless steel pipe of 40,01,0 mm. All joints are coupling joints.

Milk intake system consists of 60 l milk tanks. Milk intake unit completed with two milk pumps (the productivity of each one is 10000 l/h) of 1,1 kV capacity.

Milking system consists of a control unit on the LED of which milk yield and milk flow intensity data, letter-digital messages about events and the number of animal on given milking stall are displayed.

The unit equipped with an electromagnetic pulsator of in-pairs milking with the visual control of pulsations and provides the automatic stimulation of udder. Unit operation and milking modes selection performs by one button.

Control unit has a milk counter which every second measures the level of milk flow intensity using the rays of the near (long-wave) infrared region of the spectrum – NIR, it is fully sealed and hasn’t movable or plug-in parts, it has an integrated detector which measures the electrical conductivity of milk (important for early detection of mastitis).

The control unit operates in two modes (an automatic and half-automatic).

The automatic milking mode includes:

- massage with the pulsations frequency of 240 pulsations per minute.

Depending on milk outtake intensity:

- the general milking mode;

- the switching off and removing of milking apparatus with the advanced damping of vacuum under a nipple depending on milk outtake intensity (200-800 ml/min).

The half-automatic mode:

-  the switching off and removing of milking apparatus at an operator’s command.

Washing system is automated. The automat has multistage washing and possibility of the precise programming of all processes: quantity of water, concentration of cleaning solutions, heating temperature and washing time of the unit.

The unit has alkaline and acid cleaning agents.

Udder washing system includes into itself tools for a milking parlor for the washing of udder (water heaters and the kit of hoses with spays).

Herd control system continuously controls milking process and collects information into a database. Then data analyses and uses for the following reasons:

-  for creation different operation sheets, reports and diagrams for the daily management of a herd and for supporting long-terms decisions.

Milking electronic control system advantages:

-  electronic pulsation, controlled by milk outtake intensity, provides fast and effective milking with taking into account the individual features of animals and the minimal udder irritation of a cow;

-  4-digits LED-display shows milk yield, milk outtake intensity and duration of milking; displays a current milking status and informs about the conditions of alarms;

-  the operation of the FFS30 sensor is based on infrared technology, it is without movable parts, mechanical exposure on milk and the creation of sanitary problematic zones;

-  the automatic removing of milking apparatus;

-  an alarm when the milking apparatus resets and milk yield is low;

-  the simple control of milking stall by means of one button;

-  networking use in real time mode allows joining to the DataFlow system which provides the identification of each animal on each milking stall and the separation of problematic animals from the herd (when a selection door is able).

The kit of accessory and spare parts includes into itself milk filters, milking casks for individual milking in quantity of 2 pcs., the set of spare parts, consumables, cleaning agents for one ear of trouble-free operation, electrical and cabling products to an equipment with control cabinets.

Auxiliaries includes a milk pump with a hose for pumping milk from a cooling tank into a milk tanker in quantity of 1 pcs., high-pressure washing system for washing a milking parlor per three points, connected in quantity of 1 kit; a submersible pump for a milking trench in quantity of 1 pcs.

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