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Multifunctional sowing aggregate «Grand»

             The multifunctional universal means for sowing and application of mineral fertilizers (on precise sowing seeders).

Grand equipped with a quick-connected three-point joint of III category which allows installation on it different agricultural seeders which provides maximal flexibility during seeding works.

The hopper of 4300 liters volume increases the numbers of hectares seeded per time unit and consequently increases productivity decreasing the numbers of fillings. It is possible to use MPK-4300 Grand from spring to late autumn.

Changeable seeding equipment can be changed in a few minutes.

MPK-4300 Grand is available with an eight meter row-seeder and the new CX-Ultra disk coulters (Kvernelandgroup) which provide the optimal location of seeds after ploughing and when seeding into a mulch and also with the 12(18)-rows seeder of precise sowing with simultaneously application of granulated mineral fertilizers.

The seeder equipped with the OptimaHD (Kvernelandgroup) sowing section of reinforced model with the hopper of 55 l volume and 125 kg weight which possible to increase on 100 kg by means of a spring device.

The complex Grad aggregates with the tractors Belarus 3022/3522 or with their foreign analogues.

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