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Milking device «Sozh» with delicate milking mode

The device is meant for using in milking units ADS, 2ADS, UDS-V, PDU-8.

Two modifications are available:

  • for milking into the milk pipeline
  • for milking into the bucket

The milking device is equipped with a pulsator for pairwise milking and with a collector with larger volume of milk chamber. It provides two vacuum levels while milking, allows to control milk ejection and changes automatically the milking mode according to the latter parameter.


  • milking process is as similar to the natural milk ejection as possible;
  • it doesn’t cause any injuries of nipples and helps to eliminate totally cases of mastitis among cows.


Nominal vacuum, kPa 48±1
Low vacuum, kP 36±2
Pulsation frequency at 48 kPa 60±3 pulsations/min
Pulsation frequency at 36 kPa 50±3 pulsations/min

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