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UDS-V milking machine

The milking machine is meant for machine milking of cows into handheld buckets at dairy-farms. The machine can be equipped with milking devices for simultaneous milking, for pairwise milking and with delicate milking modes.
The milking machine set includes liquid-packed vacuum station whose working capacity is minimum 60 m³/h.


Type: fixed
Number of cows milked with the help of the machine: 100
Number of cows milked for 1 hour of main time, minimum: 60
Maximum number of cows milked at the same time: 8
Number of milking machines, pcs: 8
Volume of milking bucket, dm³: 20±2
Installed capacity, kW, maximum: 4
Working vacuum gage pressure, kPa: 48±1
Weight, kg, maximum: 700


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